DON’T BE critical

Don’t like something ,don’t say it out, so what if your debating partner is wearing hideous clothes she loves it and all her friends said it was cute, just say its nice even if its your friend and you care about him or her never tell them the truth especially when her other friends lash out at you calling you names like you’re so critical and judgemental.What should we say if someone asks you”how was the movie?” just say nice or oh it was so sweet and cute blah blah blah …. Don’t dare say that it was mediocre or cliched or copied or simply made for the typically idiot audience after all you may never know maybe your friend is one of them..!! Always show consensus with people around you because if you try to strike an intelligent educated and non-judgemental discussion with them they will get offended and brand you as critical.We are human and we are emotional we get very easily offended ,hurt and anything and everything can make us hate a person even if it takes just OH i love your dress’ to make you love them again and ‘ your hair needs help ,it looks terrible’ to kill them.Life is very hard for  people who like to analyse and critically examine things; sometimes everything.For example its rude if i call someone FAT or OBESE but its okay if I call them thin,skeletal or ANOREXIC so what if anorexia nervosa is an mental illness with the highest mortality rate.


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