strangers in strangeness

Strangers I accidentally meet.Is there a reason do they mean to is it because I am attractive or I’m too
shockingly ugly; one can never

be sure.I tend to remember some faces a little more than the others is it because they are visually more appealing? or

because i feel
I want to know them beyond the realm of our monotonous journey back and forth
hoping that I will meet you ,no see you again,the word you, i think i use it a bit too often,maybe somewhere deep
in my stupid and silly heart I wish to create a
story, no a fantasy in my head ,my head which itself holds a very colourful array of stories with different kind of people
at different
points in my seemingly boring but depressing life ,a life of an underachiever in short.These strangers mostly of the opposite sex but sometimes of the same sex
create a never ending mysterious flow of energy in the short while that we connect in .I wonder sometimes if I may have imagined the give and take of glances but
then I happily hope that my brain has
not yet deserted me,after all I’m still 18 young i believe.I am besotted by their unique characteristics the sometimes fleetingly perverted glances that flow towards me like a dream I
wish would continue a little longer,I am neither a loner nor do I lack friends but yet the impression these strangers leave in my
mind is untraceable and inexplicable,but their presence ,its need,its thirst and the strong but maudlin desire to meet them ,to feel
their presence ,their
eyes again on some part of my face which apparently lacks facial hair is hard to explain well not really its actually very obvious I’m just stupid enough to write about such instances,situations which generally are sent to the dustbin in our brain.To record such strange, eerie no not eerie simply primitive ,idiotic but yet so beautiful, not pretty but beautiful is a feeling to be felt.


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