Teenage Love


A word we have come to despise but secretly that’s all we feel right now.This strange force to ,no I cannot write what I’m thinking.When that need becomes so paramount so dominant that it pervades my barriers of practicality and logic instead of being maudlin.
Did we not promise to be sensible,not be like everyone and not be damned of all those weaknesses and insecurities that are part of the lives of the desperate dimwits of my age.Its just a phase it shall pass like all those phases.
And if it doesn’t and someday the realization dawn upon us that the phase was not just a phase but a time of my life I was supposed to live a particular way,looking for a particular form of happiness,the happiness that would be derived from a specific experience.The dreams convey our apprehensions but when we wake up its just a nightmare.It may never happen so it shall always remain a nightmare or an unfulfilled desire.

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