In this huge room

Telling you to stop will not cease
Asking for an unsaid apology
Your pen moves through the shadow and the sunlight
Fallen in their trap unaware of being used
My gaze is red.

They forgot to plunge into their conscience
It shakes insecurely
Palpitating at the thought of being seen

Cut me off ,chop my wings
Soon I will forget to grow them anymore

You nod deceptively,nothing pervades inside your shallow self
Eyes searching as you enter later
Fearing that you know less
You have always known less
Even if you knew all, it would make no difference

I feel less and mostly nothing

The hurt I give to you; to see you flutter your wings
If not that at least go perch on the young tree
Contempt drifts in and out of you
You accept it to be yours
Forever yours

The pink and the steel gives you no brightness
You fade a little more every time the red slides on your pout

Did you look up to the ceiling
Have you not appeased all
All who are in real ;some

Silence orchestrated to an inferno
Warmth breathes in me

Unevenness and shapeless
You will always be more whole
Never complete
But cluelessly beautiful; forever till you live

Live in the hollow that connects the points
The dot that is never repeated
The questions are lies
You want to hear all and know all
To think is useless
Comes with no benefits for your kind

You are big but  fingers clutch to the small
Hold them together, lower your eyes
Smiling as it fades
Tomorrow I will love you more
Then in you , you will always smile

Mouth open, confused
your helplessness mocks me
You want not to be here
legs crossed, moving to restlessness
The anger growing as I hear you
disagreeable words like a crow
But the crow too can be silent and sit still in its thoughts

Your lint less sleeve
The strange straightness of the brown hair
The boyish laughter is selfish
You are friendless
Foe less

Its all about the nine’s and six’s
The nails you bite
The words that do not leave your mouth

I look beyond where you write
Write to copy

When will I leave this room with your lack
Lack of words
Your gaze of being a fool

You are everywhere
Don’t touch me or my mind
Your voice is sweet less and your twisted lips curl like a snake; pretending
Venomous but dead
The scream in you is you
Your dull stale ness will never touch us

Papers printed years ago by someone you do not know
Fill the beauty less
Depth less hours
In this huge room
The numbers mean more
Than the meaning itself


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