Love her

Her pale skin turns red. But this is the last time,she wants to do her best.

The dress is wet, she has sold her soul for the final time. Standing in the middle of the room, she feels like a melting candle.The candle in its stark nakedness glows , glows as it melts into gooey wax.
The tears have long dried, the barren soul is choking.There’s no pleasure just a sadistic gain
‘I could pour hot water on myself that would leave a scalding burn.They don’t care about the flaws on my face.’

The ropes so tight,her hands are tied.She cannot break the cycle.
No one looks back at her, when it’s over.

I will love you and pray for you, for a voice that will be lost, a voice that nobody wants to remember.
 ( written after listening to the song ‘love her’ by seether)


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