I wish for the cold rain

I wrote this piece under the influence of the song below.

I wish for it to rain.
The clouds in my mind shall turn into clear cold water.
It shall drip into my eyes.
Washing the past glory, submerging the anger that escapes into my clenched fists.
The rogue love still walks through the shadows of that cream coloured room
My mind looks through a frame.
Where I see just the shadows.
In the dark I see the moonlight reflected through your patterned glass window.
The opportunity lost, the love that never surrendered ,even in my thoughts.
Will they know who I am
Will I know who I am

The blue drops of paint so frigid at this moment.
The tips of my finger lust for the touch of the crimson petals of the rose.
The garden in my lucid dreams. The dreams I no more remember.
It is evil I say, the one who took you away.
The nature of the human who is so mundane and dull in all its shine,
It’s fluorescent hues collapsing under the lack of a certain surge of emotions.
The surge I feel in plenty everyday.

The music takes over, the flames dim as the pitch falls to a murmur.
I know not much of your notes, but the chord slowly untangles from my neck.
Let me free.Oh dear song. Free me from my surreal darkness.
So that I can sleep in bliss like I never have.
The dong at the end suffices my day.
I wish to be nowhere.
I wish for the cold rain.


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