Your loud voice

I am not depressed, I am angry
I am not angry, I am infuriated
I do not care how badly I grieve you with my sharp words
You are my root, you are my centre ;you are my parent
You must live up to my expectation

You’re immature unreasonable rubbish makes my mind so angry
so restless..

I feel like I loose myself in this gory war of words each time I come home.
I wished for the quite
But you’re loud clamour cages my calm soul
Was I not a quite child
My eyes I like to believe must have shone bright then
Was I not a work of serenity
What am I now
What have your demons turned me into
You flush your agonized flaws into my clear crimson blood
You look  not once at how my face cringes and contorts into a scary resemblance of your face
I reek of your foul breath
Your foolish anger
You’re sense of pride reeks of your lowliness
I eschew your flaws
But you flaunt yours like a trophy
And then you put that trophy on a table in my room
How I pray that someday you shall accept your mistake
Even one will do
But instead you snub me
Your crass tongue sickens me so deep

You are immature like a spoilt anomaly of a child
The tantrums you throw heat my state of calm
I am an epitome of anger, vociferous
The filth from my mouth spreads through my blood
The veins sprout out a searing pain
A pain that sometimes lulls
But It shall reside in me for perpetuity

I wanted to be happy did I not
But every happy moment is marred by your loud irritating voice
I wish to leave you
Your everything that has at time disfigured my true nature
How I have despised myself at those instances


Our love is so deep
I would weep if I ever had to leave you
I turned out okay didn’t I
Better than the other some may say

Let it go, because I will let go of my many complaints
I shall rejoice in the happiness
I shall remember and cherish the abundant love
For now
I shall let it go and let it be


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