The Ode

Sad is not how I feel
It is how I make you feel

Sad, low; down, lowly sadness
sorrow explained
coherence speaks out
But I cannot stop its effect.
It spreads to me each day
I die I die

I let it extend into me
A sadness I do not run from
I walk up to it everyday
I search for you in its doleful eyes
I wish to cry in this sadness
In your depths I fish you out
I caress your endless thorns
I love thee in my deepest form

Sadden me to your aspect

Oh sad
Let me die in your stingy caress

Listless I cannot weep
Desolate I do not know
I mumble in my sleep
The sorrow I reach out to
I crave for its face, for its words.
It tries to shy away from me
Tries to hide the pain
But I can see the sad so clearly.
I do not let this wave ripple away
I go to its shore and run towards this shape
It flows in, leaving all other untouched
I breath you now.
Like musty air settling in my mind.

Abandon you must not..

Sad Oh sad
Let me be you and you be me


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