The room with the green pool

The world I figured it out.

I must receive my punishment. it shall be measured to the till.
I will not be permitted to un focus my eyes away from this reality of a thing.

As it submerges this queer happiness into an eerie green pool of water.
In a dimly lit hall of a place with no windows. I must sit in a corner, pretending it will go away.
The ceiling  wails with the moving water, it writhes
Convulses so sweetly in a rhythm of it’s own.

I will pass these months away sitting next to its reflection
The halo of the ripples will tempt me to dream. Dream of a time post; post this dull lull.
The green light glows in this space.

To whom it really matters, it does not exist but it will not be snatched . It shall never be offered in the first place.

What world has my mind come to? It has reminded me; back to two thousand and eight and some parts of two thousand and nine.
It trys to clog my happy years, It forces me into this acrimonious wave of algae that grows over this mellow sea.
Dreary is for me, not for you, just me.

A repetition is triggered.


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