You wispy friend

Insanity rises from that warm deep spot
The humour that often others cannot see
Drunk and high; it revolves and swings precariously

Dancing as the breeze blows , listening to your music
Walking barefoot on the rain filled puddles
You beckon me towards your favourite animal

Slowly we discuss the dust blowing in the wind

You my friend
shall fly away just as fast and suddenly
the wispy footsteps you leave on the sandy earth
Temporary , I fear you will not be back

slip away from this mundane world
Into the one filled with one’s of your kind

Two months, a month, a week
You will be gone
I shall drive your memories in my mind
In a circle they shall fly
The eagle whose flight encircles the sky above us
Our eyes fixed to it’s shadow on the blue gravelled ground.

You wispy friend

When will you return ? to fill me with your delirious ways
your simple logical convictions on life
That are saying 
that nothing is happening ,
so everything is perfect.

This song helped me write some parts of this piece.


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