she sits today

She sits today
beside me
Like yesterday
And like today
I will see her again

Place my hand on her shoulders
kiss her
hold her hand
caress her hair
laugh at her laughter

She could be my mother
She could be my lover
My soul resides in her gentle voice

She scolds my impulses
Rushes to hold my laughing words

tomorrow I may not see her
A distant tomorrow beckons her away

No, there will not be her constant
She will slowly recede into time
Constantly she will become variable

I will crave, I will hope
I will try to replace her

At night
I will imagine her warm round arms around me
Holding me so strongly

The high
The strange warmth
The tears of ordinary joy
Swinging to nothing in particular
Illogical charms
Rare charms

The silence of her nods
Will ebb away into time
Into new people we shall meet

Places will be repeated
I shall remember
No matter how long it would be
I would recall

Your footsteps besides mine
Ready to walk an extra mile
Ready for anything

Eyes that never dwell upon the small

Is a small word
a trivial idea
It is
In all your forms
It is you


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