columned reflections

What are these?
What shall I call them?
these reflections, these shadows
moves within the green curry leaves
blows as the wind blows, flickers with the light

These meshed frames
vertical columns of the dark and the light
the grey and the colour of the wall
ripples, as a red car passes
through the key hole, the cracks

What are these? theses columned reflections of what’s not here
of what’s outside
so far
so unconnected
linked through these columned reflections

They do not mean a thing
go unnoticed
flicker as the day changes
momentarily dies as you stop looking

Lost among childish days of boredom
of nothing
particularly nothing
abstract thoughts
voices that do not reach
voices of those accustomed faces
voices emanate from minds that do not see
do not acknowledge your columned reflections

Lying untouched
Till ..

~ 09/05/11 and 11/05/12


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