Recollections remembered
But she asks for proof
She is indifferent to the words
The intensity, the writhing
The strings in the guitar flow through the breaking
Breaking bones, breaking voices, into water into muddled screams
Cluttered humiliation
Flinches the mind at each high decibel

Useless, misused
You kill what is not meant to be killed.
The green wires deep inside, they nullify
try to run, escape
So pathetic
He laughs
A maddening giggle, the need to cut through
but too far it’s sharpness lies
To reach the edge would mean to pass the turmoil
Deceit, deceived by your own
The grotesque filth on it’s floor,
lying with it’s smile still intact on it’s decomposing corpse
I Think of escaping into your voice
Hesitate and do not
Unnamed, unrecognised

Let it be, she smiles
smiles and demands we forget, go into our mundane growth
the sound of the green sap growing inside the grass blade
not disturbed a bit.
Shaken into delirium, it palpitates, stutters in it’s meandering world

Distraught s into slumber
folded inside this time
frozen into this orb of shame
the others, their voices null
their minds have heard
they will look at you and know
It is you
It is you
that abomination that tries to hide behind it’s sun birds
the alley cat knows, she accuses,
her green yellow eyes
So distant
Will she not enter inside today
Far she shall remain
This is her home no more


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