Letters to a dear friend

‘I sort of miss you. Sometimes I think, that if I’m tired or low or mundane or preoccupied, how will I talk to you often and in the manner that I would want to?
I like you, you are of a type to be loved, to be cherished, to be amused and laughed with. I annoyed you with my mushiness yesterday, so today I use subtle words to show you my affection.

It’s nice being ‘ free’, with nothing to do, sitting on the grass just talking (as the warm sunlight falls on me), the kind that one does when it’s been a couple of weeks of meeting and there’s a strange feeling of endearment, of wanting.’

~ 8 Nov 12, 9:27pm

‘ Signal gone again dear Frodo.
You know? I ate too much again, hope I don’t get sick, I read a story on holocaust, I missed mum, so cried. Now online, feel much better.
This room with it’s closed doors, with nobody except me in it, yet I hear all the sounds; outside the window, under the window and outside the door.  But none are speaking to me. I still hear them, yet I am alone in this room.

This is an experience, I must learn to live with.
Oh, and I love you’

~3 Nov 12, 8:22pm


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