The new one

She swallowed her grief each time. Each time she saw her reflection in the glass. Reflections, mirrors, she had liked the water, her image she couldn’t see, her fate was in it’s expanse.

No this wasn’t the sea. The human eyes peering through the glass, it was just too sad. Too terrible. So she she kept swimming towards the glass, hoping she wouldn’t have to turn each time, she never did have to think about running into water. Here, she could easily run into a wall.

She was new, unlike the sea horse mopping in a corner in the other glass box.
She had seen him when she was being brought towards her own glass box. She hadn’t seen him since.

She had till this morning told herself that  this was a nightmare and she wouldn’t have to drown her tears forever in this water box.
For the rest of her short life.


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