A Sandwitch

I never do feel so alone

or sad

But there are these sounds these strange sounds

The tragic loop

Of impending desires

byes and goodbyes

Lies and rain

The wet sky dreams, dreams of lies entangled in it’s cold, cold breeze

That tunnels into your strands of hair, your eyes, your ears

Cold, my dear can reach anyone. you can not possibly run from the greys of this time

Lights on snow, christmas and it’s merry carols. Too far

Right now, it’s that eerie loop of a song, a tick, a snore

The lack of

phone ringing,  voice on the other side.

Someone to share

share this unreasonable lull

stroke it lovingly

Wouldn’t that be pathetic

A mockery

A lie

The high of the piano takes over again

I transgress away to a new found anger

The anger that no one can hear

But I do not wish to be heard

Some coaxing is what I desire
Foolish maudlin pleasures of human life

Trivial and frivolous

Again, it’s that eerie loop of a song, a tick, a snore, no phone ringing, no voice on the other side.

Just the air between the walls

Pale walls and a green unnamed bed sheet

Typing without a song inside my ears
No influence
No insipid inspiration
A siren passes somewhere near, somewhere far

Coming closer, ambulance? police?
I always get confused

Oh, I am digressing away from my gloom,
A sad instrumental shall fix this

But there’s noise, a jarring buzz annoying my mind.

Must stop writing, it seems forced now.

Back to our usual self, the music flows undisturbed  I will walk to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich.

A sandwitch

~11/12/12, 11:42pm


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