A frame

Imagine my dear, a frame that wishes to extend it’s life in time.

A frame that rebels against the next frame. He says’ No, I shall stay here longer. I shall be pensive a while longer than my frame rate.’ Longer than the designated 24 frames per second.

You see, I am more like a photograph. I am the frame that tells the future, but for that I must exist a while longer.
I will tell you your mistakes, one’s you shall be aware of only in your future frames.

No rewind button this film has. I will never return, and you shall never have me back.
So for your happiness I shall linger longer than I am meant to.

By the time you realize the passing of time, the mistake would have been done and your rebellious frame shall never be back. Or maybe he’ll return and be stuck for a lot longer.

And in that future he will be a still frame; A photograph.


P.S Lame-ass shit. But then, it sounded beautiful when I spoke these ideas out 😦


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