Humans are animals and Animals are humans


Humans will run over the cats and dogs. Save them, neuter them!.
Humans will kill humans and whatever else there is to kill. No, don’t blame the driver who was probably over speeding or drunk or none.
I know adopting animals that can be domesticated is great. So many die looking for food and some get obese eating  copious amount of meat.*Refer to dogs in Khan market etc.

But what if these creatures don’t want your permanent ownership, they don’t want you to give them a name, buy them a fancy leash or let them share your home.

I mean the dog/cat etc may adore you, she may visit you and I do not deny that you religiously give her food. Not the leftover from the fridge or the rotten rotis, but food that you would also eat.
So you think now you own them. Nah! animals have character too, not all of them are looking to be taken ownership off. Just like some humans prefer the easy way in life and so many don’t, so many move out of their homes and struggle to make it on their own and some just say – ‘lets stay in our parent’s home forever, lets just do what others say else we’ll upset the authority and it’ll get messy..’ and never create something off their own.
Maybe, some of these creatures want freedom.
The freedom to love you and the freedom to stray away whenever they want.

Some will say, why think so much about animals, when so many humans die everyday. I don’t know, maybe because it comes back to the same idea. We don’t neuter humans, their kids get run over or die prematurely because their parents don’t mind living on the streets or using protection or registering in a nearby government hospital while pregnant. Oh but they are poor!  I can already hear people saying they are poor or illiterate.
But they are also lazy because the maid who works in my house is also very poor, she has seven daughters and one alcoholic husband. No, she doesn’t sleep on the footpath or begs at the metro station, she rents a small room with electricity and water.
Well, even if you gave them( the one’s you call poor and destitute) money everyday, you’ll call it ‘punya’ or charity or whatever else that fancies your kind virtuous heart. But one day they’ll run out of it and come to the streets again. Self sustenance and not charity is what works.
But self sustenance needs effort and time and that is what the charitable doesn’t want to afford.  I will give a bigger aged six a Twenty rupees note, or a shiny golden five rupee coin I’ll see his face light up with happiness, that note, that 5 rupees coin is a pat on his back, it’s like saying ‘Good going kid, your begging seems to be working, keep doing it’ You, my charitable friend have now done him more harm than good. For I ask. What mother lets her child’s stomach depend on the charity of a passer-by. A Beggar, and that child you just gave a 5 rupees to (Wohoooo, such a kind heart you have!) is going to grow up to be a beggar because people like you use this symbol of complete pity to assuage yourself of your spending while millions in your country lie below the Poverty line.
It is very similar with an animal. Let your friendly dog or cat|scrounge and hunt for food. Because you’ll go out to college after the vacation ends or you’ll have a longer shift one night and your animal friend will come and stand at you gate,  hoping to see you come with a bowl of milk. She will wait for you. But you won’t come.

It is said that a human being’s fate is the home where he is born, well a dog born in my locality is a lot happier than one born in the alleys of Kashmiri gate or grease stained back lanes of Paharhganj. A dog born near a poor man’s shack on the foot path will always get a share of the morning bread, but if he was born in some south Delhi colony  where the residents don’t really walk out of their home that often, the dog won’t be seen and he won’t be fed, even the garbage dump won’t be too appetizing. Because affluent neighbourhoods don’t have garbage dumps! It stinks you see and no civilized human wants to be reminded of all the waste he creates.

A neighbourhood with a paranoid women who think every dog on the street is out to bite their son, yes, that dog is going to be sad, hungry and prone to be seen constantly running away from stone pelting children. These same children will probably grow up to be lacking in  courage and security.
I mean, every time something intimating comes near you, you can’t throw a stone at it and run to your mommy!? That will make you an insecure spoilt brat who is  basically quite ..Blah

I didn’t want to sound very judgemental so I used the expression ‘Blah’

A dog will wag his tail and follow you if you give her a biscuit, but he’ll also learn to  become familiar with a friendly human being, how to search him out in this crowd of doppelgängers and he will remember the smell of that food and the smell of that kind human who shared his left over lunch with this lanky ball of fur.

I have heard people say ‘ It is in the nature of dogs to bite’. Well, in response I say, it is in the nature of humans to judge. I’ve seen children pick up little puppies, cuddle them and coo coo with them, but the second the mother( no, not ready to bite) comes to share the same warmth or just to check on her pups, she is not very ceremoniously asked to get the f*** off their porch.
So, only the fluffy, ball of cuteness is to be loved, what about that dog whose parents did not take a good look at each other before mating or mated with a combination of assorted dogs and made him look like genetics gone wrong( black stripes on brown fur of an abomination). FYI Dogs are colour blind, so she can’t see what you see or understand why nobody pets her.
I call such dogs ‘Designer dogs’
Aren’t humans like that in a way? All children are beautiful, heck, we are all beautiful, but the second you are born you hear the ‘gori’ ‘kala’ remarks. You step into the ladies compartment and the women will check out every part of your body and piece of cloth on you and often men who are strangers will judge the level of your beauty, using words like ‘Nah, she doesn’t look all that good or Oh, she’s hot’
In Bengali one of a darker colour is actually called ‘moila’ that translates to dirty.
But you know, humans aren’t all that bad, just like not all dogs incessantly bark at night and/or try biting your hands off.

I see them everyday. I often see see fear in their eyes. They shy away from me, flinch and run away when I try to come close.
To them I maybe harmless  but they know the nature of humans and humans aren’t to be trusted.
. They can sense the affection in my voice and sometimes the pity which they don’t want.

But stray dogs are cruel too, they almost always bark at garbage collectors young or old, growl at calf’s and fight bitterly with their own.
But stray animals are representation of human society, of human love and human fear.

I never named my stray dog, because I feared that she would disappear  one day and attachment is bad or even the fact that I’m not the only one, she has numerous lovers across the neighbourhood and she has no name. I call her Dog or doggy.

I call out to her, she recognizes my voice and responds. She is a dog, an animal with no script and  no language.|
But an animal who once had the considerate heart of staying an extra half an hour with me( she even got her lil pups along) just as she was leaving while I was extremely sad and depressed. She stayed with me and let me stroke her children’s soft soft fur, till I felt better, till I felt less alone .My perceptive human companions had abandoned me.
What this coffee brown emaciated mother of four did that night was a simple act of giving me comfort.
She made me feel comfortable.
I love her and I lover her more for she is free.

To ignore them, to hate them or to try to cull them from our dainty neighbourhoods is stupid. No, I do not suggest that let them rule your surroundings, or let them proliferate to a level that it harms you and them.

But just let them be as they let you be.


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