Text hand Syndrome

The doctor said I have text hand syndrome. I must refrain, it seems from replying back and texting too much. But that is not me. My urge to respond even if I am walking on the road is too strong. I feel a quaint urgency to respond immediately.
So you may catch me walking straight ,looking ahead of me with my fingers typing ferociously, rarely making a typing error.
How shall I change my ways. I love sharing and I am extremely sincere about replying.
A psychologist will point to some sort of inherent insecurity, loneliness.
I went from a message coupon that gave me 350 texts a month to 750 to 1000, now I’m back to 350 to save my nerves.
But do you know what will stop me from texting and typing so much? Pain, plain and  simple, the pain at the tips of my fingers.
Also I am 21 not 55.
Unfortunately I also get sad when people don’t reply back with the same efficiency. Once I counted the ratio of texts with reference to a friend. A very special friend indeed.
Asshole, he.
Anyhoo, I must refrain from sharing unnecessary information, I will probably text you later.
It was 20:2. I had sent 20 that day.
So apparently my right hand’s index finger is the worst off. and the doctor gave me a medicine named Neuromet. A kind of B-complex Capsule I think. Apart from the funny name to my syndrome, it quite seriously means that I have weak nerves.
So scald me with hot water and I shall feel it like it is lukewarm.
You may ask what is so bad about a few weak nerves. For starters, I believe this will hamper and curtail my perceptiveness, my observation, my senses. And mostly because it means that the nervous system, that is the communication between my brain and my fingers will become less efficient more fraught with errors or more coarsely put- More typos

Here have a link~
Tips to keep your nervous system healthy – http://drbenkim.com/nervous-system-healthy.html


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