I have a tail

I have a tail. You know the usual detachable kinds.
Yes, You heard me right I HAVE A TAIL. Would you you like me to stand on top of my house and shout it out. Please say no, It’s a secret. But I promise, I aint lying to you.
Most people don’t have one of those. Yes, I’ve considered getting it removed.  Permanently.
But the family doctor disapproves. He says it can be life threatening. So I’m stuck with my tail. Don’t get me wrong, it is a part of me and she is precious.
So I  have to keep mine hidden.

Everyday before leaving for home, I retrieve mine from my hiding place.
I  hide it behind the whiteboard in class. Yes, the same white board on which the professor writes her notes. Strange place for a tail, but she likes  it there, cool and shady and she gets to hear the whole lecture. It get’s quite mundane for her, so she often takes long naps. One would say it’s a risky place to hide a detachable part of your body- behind the white board. But I don’t worry.
Nobody ever looks behind the white board. Never.

At 5pm, just after everybody had left I went to retrieve my tail.  I stopped as I went closer towards the board. I saw something that made my eyes pop out. At the same time I felt like the excitement of it had grabbed me by my balls( except that I don’t have any balls)
You know what it was? Another tail, another tail right next to mine.
Another one of my kind.

~ 26/10/2013


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