But nobody can see the lights now!

IMG_1794We put on lights for the new house, seemed strange. I’ve never lived higher than the ground floor, never had a balcony or a set of stairs or a lift.

We used to have two floors, a garden, a courtyard and a backyard. Don’t get me wrong the new place has more rooms, more space and is fancy-shancy , If I may quote a friend. 
But you know what, it’s got less of the sky, less of the soil and when I stand below, I can’t even see the patterns that the light creates over the railing.
Because if you live on the third floor, life aint look the same any more. To me it’s plain concrete with white paint on it.
The worst – it’s quite confusing how to put the lights onto such 
a limited space.
I mean whose going to even see the lights up at the third  floor after craning your neck and all in a quietest quite lane that my house is located at.  
I almost felt bereft. I’d craned quite a lot and it still looked glum to me.
Last year Diwali, WE HAD PUT HANGING LIGHTS ALL over the ground floor and the first floor, with lights over the curry leaf tree and the Ashok tree and  the kitchen window etc etc.
Since our house is (was) on the main road, everyone could see it. The second the lights would be put up and switched on I’d run out my house, towards the road and gaze at my house twinkling.  

Now, I just see a chaos of zigzag stars lost somewhere in the horizontal maze of balconies, ceilings and demarcations of floors. All this after using  18 strings of multicoloured lights. 

The new neighbourhood is so quite.
At 6:30 pm, everyone is locked up cozy inside there homes and the street is empty, as if  everyone was  asleep,
Boring. Whose going see the lights now? Who?

I’ve walked inside my house now, a little distraught after all the craning and no seeing but I’ve just realized something,
I can see the lights!, the tiny specks of colours are visible through the glass windows and it throws a hallow of light into the living room.
Through the Neem trees and the cloudy sky, the blue strings of lights are actually swaying to the breeze. The reflections on the glass look as quaint as quaint
I guess the lights weren’t really  meant for others too see but were meant for  me .


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