You know, people will hang you.

They will hang you on a wall.
Or put you inside a cupboard
throw you under the bed
Or wrap you in wrapping paper and then

Hang you.
But nothings worse than been hung really close to the ground.

You’ll hang through autumn,  through the summers and  through the winters.
Don’t worry, there will be a slight breeze,  so you’ll move sometimes.
You’ll almost feel like you’re swinging.  Like you’re no more hanging.   Like you are free.
But you’re still hanging.

Sometimes, just sometimes, somebody will place a table underneath you,
and you’ll no more be hanging.
Oh but you can see the table and you can see the ground, the ground you want to be on.

That is true freedom, to have the ground beneath your feet.
But some people , they just hang you.
They put a nail on to the wall, they hammer it in, they tie a really tight knot with the strongest thread there is.
You know all about  the warmth of having  support, to have the ground below you.
To have something around you.
You are no more hanging.
You are flying, you are free.


But still hanging.


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