One day, so many thoughts. But none spoke to me.

Blank sheets of paper. My back rests on a comfortable friend. My ears refuse to strain this time.

Coherence, is what I ask of you.
Hah! She laughs. Today is the day for vague and blurry thoughts.

But then the old man started spinning stories on the stage and my comfort walked up and left.

The light found it’s crack and entered into this brown room. The light had entered.

Image, what image are you talking about?

This isn’t black and white, there is no colour in the room.

I was looking for a projector mechanic,  I found rusted projectors.

So I saw heads, lots of heads, some arms and and some legs too. Even some feet, some toes and lots of nostrils. But none spoke to me and I spoke to none.


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