Rubble. Trouble. Bubble

Today I write after talking to you. I strung a lot of beautiful words today?
After which I tried to get to the point.

You say Yeah, I say hello. Then the string starts all over again.

Shit, stuff.. a lot of words again. The gorilla had said, we waste words. Humans waste words.

I waste emotions, the flurry of muddy upheavals inside me.
Somewhere between my heart and tummy.

How does a camera work ? just switch it on and work it.
Why does it bother you so much when I say what I feel.  The truth.
Truth is hard but what is so wrong. I want to.

A necklace, hung on your neck. One with words, dreamy; made of feelings.

Everyone must hear you speak.Speak of such great ideas, big bubbles they are.
In the silence between the pauses, can you see a bit clearly?

‘You are so lovely’, How often have I said? so often that you almost forget to hear it.
A response would be too much trouble on your part.

Troubles, rubble’s.

I think I have made you sad now. I do not understand why.
Here, take a bird made of mud.



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