Letters to Mr. Fickle (Part One)

Dear Mr Fickle. I know you love me, I love you too.
But not in the throw you away when I don’t need you manner. Or in any other uncomfortable manner.
I am a chameleon, I love without smothering, without indifference. I just be Or at least that’s how I’d like to. Be.

I like chameleons, not because they change colours, but because they are in peace with their surroundings, no, they do not compromise or adjust. They just be.

Anyhoo, getting to the point. When there really isn’t one that I’m trying to make, They are many points,
These points can be use to make a drawing.  Right now I’d like a chameleon.  I am digressing,
you see the white sheet of paper in front of me; it is large and infinite.
I do not need large fonts or stylised fonts.  Love  is infinite and for it to be so, we do need fear to enter this warm room of ours.

A chameleon also doesn’t settle for what he doesn’t like.
So Mr Fickle don’t settle for me because I am not the only chameleon in town.

arie vant riet

                                        Art by Arie Vant Riet


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