Letters to Mr. Fickle (Part Two)

Don’t laugh at my absoluteness.
The feeling of finality had been there for a while,  they were being stubborn and not moving ahead in pace..  It finally did reach me,  in a collection of moments.  Every information, painstakingly collected,  analysed and remembered, all doubts, all reasons, all feelings came together and set me free.

At that moment of collision,  I was free.
Unlike yours, mine is logical, practical and true. It is not about last week or this week. The decisions, definite in-finites.
I care for you immensely,  but your flickering proposals are insulting.
Read your words carefully, with the un-bias of an object.
You are simply afraid.   Fear stinks.  Once you will have me, you will take a U turn and get back to square one.  This square of one,  is your truth.   Don’t feel bad or guilty.  You are not evil.
What can you do?   You like floating around with expressions of maybe’s and plant induced highness.

Your highness, I am neither your slave nor your mother. I am your humble friend and I am true to the one’s I love. I am not fickle.

No sir, I am not. I love you. You take care and enjoy your journey.

helmet newton

















                                  Photo by Helmet Newton


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