A room, a lamp and a monkey

What can you do with a basic point and shoot Digital camera worth less than 6K (Rupees).
Can it only be used for Facebook Selflies?

How about art, do you always need an expensive gadget to express?
You can neither set the aperture nor the shutter. But there are lots of strange features these digital cameras give you, strange features that seem at first, quite nubile.

So, I’d like to show you some photos I took. I failed initially, getting horridly bleached images with no detail. I almost gave up, till I found some simple settings and change in angles that almost did what a DSLR does, slows the shutter, opens up the aperture etc.

The monkey and the Lamp are both from the Andaman Islands.
I love the monkey.I love the place,
If you ever visit, do not act like a nasty tourist and litter the sea and its creature.


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