What is your heart’s desire?

An image of a great conductor, drawn with a thick brown sketch pen.These bold lines make up a man who can can surpass sadness, laziness, fatigue and hollow doubts.
Rising above all of this in order to initiate movement. He is not asleep, he is not in a dreamlike stupor. His veins are filled with crimson adrenaline, rising and falling like the plot of his life.
He is alive, breathing , the trepidation of excitement flows through his body, his mind lusts for action, for adventure.
He knows his true desires and he has the strength to will all his dreams.

I sit staring into the air, seeing all my dreams in motion, but you see, it’s all in my head. I have loved daydreaming. I can do it for hours without realizing that I am still sitting in the same place.
After a while, the image resembles all my other chaotic meaningless line drawings. My great conductor lies flat on a page, lust-less and hungry. Sigh.

To write his story, the hungry can not just be satisfied with food, for contentment is victory and loss. But how will he even come close to what he wants if he does not begin.
Start a war, start peace. Start something! because there is no spell check on what your life is missing out on!

To move, to get up, to sing, to wake up, to dance, to breathe. To fly.
When all of these will combine I will stop asking myself ‘Am I hungry’

Hungry for criticism?
hungry for public display, for appeasement, more views; as the line in the graph will move vertically up and for a while a new hunger will grow, of attention and of whorish opulence.

Disheartened you?  So much that you  forgot to add the salt in the boiled egg.
Boiled egg is eaten best with salt and pepper.
But you are already writing for someone else. The image of appreciation digs at you.
To create in solitude, in unison, with your heart’s desires. What is your heart’s desires?
To publish three blog posts tonight and share it on your timeline. Hah! Traffic will increase. You shall have finally received the validation you so desire.
And the hunger will be replaced with an even stranger hunger, replacing your awareness.
The question is-What is your heart’s desire?  I’m sure it doesn’t stop at petty validation.
At least I hope not.

Hunger will ebb away, your stomach will stop his incessant cravings.
No excesses of sugar and cheese shall be required.
There will be something more than hunger.
There shall be you, moving with the sea.

So will you stop at -Collect, edit and post.
I ask again. What is
your heart’s desire?

Dec 13- Jan 14

Mr Conductor with multiple hands and legs, all in movement! Stuck inside your heart.



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