Enter and Exit

I am sitting here and thinking. I have questions. Quite valid questions.

No, they haven’t been made up in my head, it comes from what I heard, while I was sleeping
while I was awake.
It woke me up from my sleep.
My door is closed, but the words reach me in time.
I hear each word, mostly the way it is said.

Mad, he says. Retaliation asks him to stop. Mad he says again, his voice two stops higher than before. Mad, Mad, Mad he mutters loudly into the open air.
He believes, this voice and these words are deserved.

ENTRY. His voice has added insult into this new communication.
This one is ordered harshly. Rebuked and muttered at.
‘Lowly creature’ he spits inside his head. Unpleasance wafting. Should I not tell him?
I have tried to. The tone and words come at me then.
Retaliation bows its head in submission.

He could have been different. He gives bad things into so many characters, in this journey of life.
Why? At this time of your life, at 60 or 57.
Have the calculations in your life not worked out, till this moment, has it come to less than pleasantness. Has it really come to nothing but this?
Unhappy, dissatisfied, tired? so horrible you have become. Horrid and rude.

Will you change, is it too late in life to ask this of you?

Well. Answer me. I am wide awake now.


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