Briefly anxious

Keep track.
and know the brief.

It may change into the whims of several faces of names and of departments
briefly, don’t forget to breath

minds scattered, time impending and always running to a close
Briefly they will forget what they said in silence,
you will see your hands move to your own tempo.
A red tempo that sings

I fear I will make a mistake at every turn. Roads will diverge, fears will swell up to a pressure point.
Pause, a pause in the wind.
That bad, yes that bad.

so that I can dance to my own drum beat
moments colliding into the warmth of your arms


The frenzy that disquiets me also awakens me
where I rot
slowly going underneath

Restless and slow. How can I lie to myself.
I do that everyday. Less conjunctions.
no buts and ands

I know that I can cry. So I live.
Mundane balls of courage or dreams gleaming inside.

A man leaning in the dark, merging with the walls. Not knowing that he has gotten lost in the lack of light.
Did you ask him if he even minds being lost; maybe he stands in that light to feel like nobody can see him.
Maybe, you know nothing about him.
But I saw him, I was in an auto and I thought I was lost and I saw him.

I bliss-ed into a smile, even while trying to tell somebody, Telling some one what it is inside. Less talk, more stress.
Distracted digressions. Makes no sense. She is angry at me, she scowls, that bitch. But I can’t get myself to hate her. She thinks fowl of me. You know foul.

He is so scared of loving me and so scared that I won’t always be waiting for him. I won’t.
I stopped in March
I have a strange crush on that guy with sylvan hair.
Sylvan is wood you dumb person. You love tress.
Why is Star plus playing so loudly. dingy lighting, man and woman singing in the rain, all wet and touchy.
blue light of a strange land.

Every strange land inside my throbbing head wants an out-let.
Moving closer to greys and blue’s
Aware and waiting to breathe familiarity.


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