I felt dark in the evening, my feet moving and moving,
Moving some more
not even stopping for an even breath

The curtains hide the outside light

The outside hiding fromthe curtains
Walls and no sky

Times changing, seasons rushing past
As I stood horizontally on the bed, brain ticking into a crazy


Loosing touch of the body but aware of the air changing into a new creature.
Inside, somewhere inside.
Trying to kill myself in my head.
Don’t leave me. I can’t be alone.

But who are you?
I miss terribly ; my childhood, my old home and my mother.
No, not just the idea of home. I miss home. I crave for the usual, the familiar stench of suffocating breath of familial ties, of my Asshole of a brother.
There I said it. The truth in small letters.

The road in front of the bus stop merging with the flyover,
534 at 9:10 is green and empty

Faces and moments that I can never return to. No, it isn’t just a fear, I cannot go back in time.

I am a visitor. A fleeting moment, a miss of a thought and it will all be gone. Like I never existed.

But I exist, little moonmoon exists. Doesn’t she?


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