No one asked you to raise your voice
no one even knows how you feel

But what’s the point
Even in the midst of calm, you measure your words like the length of a reptiles sharp teeth

held beneath waves of warm water, the sea cannot be warm no matter what, how, when
the sudden warmth
jelly bean, marooned to the painted heart
On a boat matching with the colour of your conscience

Alone again

It is ‘colour’ in my land and not color, you american auto correct
It is Haemorrhage and not hemorrhage
who are you
the one deciding how I must spell

599 rupees all you can eat on a week day. Where do you go?

Buzzing inside a small gush of bubbles.
Breathing in and out
Out of the brown lone sky
Garage grey for the monsoon


Minutely it rains, through the tiniest of circles
Purple-d un-bruised sort of wound

With hyphens and what not-

don’t forget to return

Awake and dead at the same moment
craving to be me again

Disarmed again

“The poison leaves bit by bit, not all at once. Be patient. You are healing.” —Yasmin Mogahed

– Art by Dan-ah KimDan-ah Kim


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