The pause in between

No silences, i forgot to see

I sat on the road, a rock to my right.

Brown sky and wind blowing in a town where no one breathes anymore

Like nobody is there

loneliness always catches up to me

The beauty of what I had,

left it in my office drawer, never spoke about it

Let myself inside and not out.

Could hear only one frequency, shrill and distinct

A voice whistling through the frigid air

Vacuum and no air, no sound to even reach you

blankets piled on top of each other and not on my body

If there wasn’t anyone to hear me

where would there be a need for a warm blanket

You would see your whole word pass by without flinching to remember how many times you let go of what you wanted.

No return, no courage to fight for the pursuit of happiness

The sound of moving flags, of clothes fluttering and never stopping to breathe


This is a difficult song,
Listen to it in a loop and you will ask it to be stopped,

after a while you can’t help .
She will take you to a new place.
Times from the past from where you can no more lie

Not just a variable that moves but a part of you that dies every moment.

the meaningless, the transience
I could feel it so strongly that I wanted to leave.

It is death. It is time.


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