Hear ?

I can’t hear you
I still can’t hear you

I can only picture
And this whole thing seems fucking scary

Pardon my language
I came to a space in my head where i have left my words
on, upon or under a wooden log
a sallow perched at the tip
at the room on the left, next to mine
mine’s on the right
the door gets locked sometimes
there’s no latch inside
or outside

merry go round
white lace frock flying

and I still can’t here you
I see everything
every see-able detail.
the colour of the light
but no sound

sound waves
crests and troughs

sitting inside my open book
I failed in Physics
I loved lambda though
the wavelength
the frequency of your voice

Moving up and down the  space negatives of cathode ray tubes inside your Television

I was born in 1991, two years apart

Sorry, I still can’t hear you.


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