Let’s meet again

One thought
just one point

grim thoughts
caressing the keyboard
(It’s grime you idiot, stuck comfortable in between each key

touching each tender word on each page
page number one,
four, five, six

each bar code digit,
each etch of a letter

Name, place, animal, thing
Trace every letter
each full stop
touched and felt

one thought

It hits my face


No wall to break your fall

fish and rice on a plate, brown starch house

running is  like walking
they simply changed the frame rate
and paced up the time to a tempo that leaves me breathless

While i perform
I in small i

routine chores
pretending to feel good about working hard
like a labour


the stop block breaks only if you make a mistake
or someone snaps you out of it

But there’s a catch

There’s always a catch

you have never broken the thought
separated the body from your mind
the hunger has neither died
nor has it settled

she thought you had died

run away from her in search of melancholic bliss
dust settling into the puzzle
perfectly fitting

Now you know why you could never wish for symmetry
even numbers
two flowers on both sides
perfect squares


They lie Annie

You are hiding from the vastness inside of you
You know
why you can’t sleep at night
why your dreams make no sense
and the very next day

You try to shove
you push
you bully your thoughts into settling down
while making (dot)formats of mediums

assembly lines
devoid of composition

why do you slip into yourself
in finality
at the end of this hour
while in the  auto ride back home

Last I met you
You were a young girl of seven

sitting in the backyard, close to the door, your fingers stretched and tracing the wire meshed door
slightly rusted at the beginning of the edge

and you smiled at me
smiled at the particles in the sunlight


I have not met you since

cover foto







P.S When your inner self tries to probe you, see you through all it’s lies.
Try letting it in.


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