Happy Birthday

I whispered a ‘bye’ to you
said some ‘hellos’
wished you a good day
and celebrated your birthday
in my head

I did not go to your wedding
But I congratulated you

in my head

your new bride

is prettier than you

I  know that coming back to work is hard
really hard
you miss her too much
or maybe

you just
miss her touch

And maybe

soon you will tire of her eyes
her soft skin and her scent

Tomorrow’s your birthday
I want to give you something
make you something

give you something not quite common

But that’s so typical of me

I think I’ll just
I’ll just bake a cake, put one lone candle on it and blow
No, I’ll just wish you in my head

Happy Birthday!



So many days

Christmas and three birthdays
my heart’s too small to think of so many presents
of so many wishes

I think I’m just going to go to sleep.
Happy Birthdays and happy weddings to whoever.

Bye, good night



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