If I was a one day store

If I was a one day store
You know things from my store would only last a day

What would you buy?

‘Just one day ?’
Yeah, just one day

‘I would walk past your shop every evening after work. Pump up some courage, and knock on your window.’

And then? Why not take the door

You have purple prim roses on your window sill. I can’t see you quite clearly from the hazy glass window.
Translucent and opaque

I’m too shy you see.
No, doors are too mainstream

That seems OK, though
‘I would tip toe right behind you and hold you by your waist
No, I wouldn’t kiss your lips
I’ll first only kiss your neck
keep holding you from behind and dance to a song I shall hum’

I’m hungry. The food smells so good.
But, the restaurant is closed.

I woke up and thought of a story
A boy, who always misses

The one day store is always closed when he passes it by.
If I was a one day store, what would you buy from me?

would you love me each minute, each passing second of this one day


No, I wasn’t talking about you.
Idiot. You trolled yourself.

I’d still tip toe behind you and do all the things I said
and much more’

What do you think I’d give you if I was a one day store
‘What do you think, I’d give to you?’



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