me = no one

I am offended
is this all I wrote
the day I thought I was free
this is not going to work out
I am lying at the same place I started,
so how am I freer writing what I can sense or what I want without being utterly conscious of the ones in front of me and behind me

No writing to please
too aware that a photograph is being taken and it will be shown to others

I’ve been pretending

this will escalate, soon
is me
I cannot be someone else

I like the warm keyboard

spent in hiding
nobody will force you to write
I prefer thinking

rise rise
rise to a level that will kill you
don’t let that happen
jail breaker sin heaven

break it

i couldn’t possibly prepare myself for that kind of onslaught
memories don’t fade as fast as you’d wish it to
lies lies
I cry murder

murder of days that would have been simple and plain
plain margarine on bread

green grass and the common red rose
bulbuls still nest on our tree
red necked

concrete lives on the grass
bloody fickle

one day so passionate and nice
the other night
as passive as a cold steel

one day so many words about you, you, you, your friends, your thoughts, your art, your own self and then nothing
nothing more to divulge to create
to destroy

Like you were no one

You are no one


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