Don’t stop

What if you typed, instead of wrote. the same brethren of things. Dots and bruises
if you could write the truth inside you, it would seem just for a moment that all is gone
Death and moth like wispy.

so stop breathe and beat the hell out of your vampire states
of enemies and mushy little ice cubes floating on water, water in the swimming pool
time it
clasp it
it will hold as long as you want it to
shaded blue

Shrapnel’s from shaving the blue, fluorescent green pencils made and bitten down

oh, mountains calling out to mundane shades of pink
sunlight dappled in time
of utter laughter and glory
so deeply hidden

twisted like snake like ropes
snake and ladder moving
through ladders
metal and wood
up and undone
exit and entry
too fast
cannot manage
go go
come back
return and enter feel and un-feel
so much in so much time
understood and understand
that it grows
on you on me
and nobody shall know
don’t stop


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