It’s me again

Let’s start on an empty page. an empty word and an empty sigh of relief.
I love you. come back.
Return and then never return. Install and uninstall. Never say my name, never think of me. No  accusations and no war of words. But there will be fresh draws of blood.

Lilies in all colours will be sent to your home, you shall be reminded of my deepest flush of love for you.
My lips on your body, my odour on all your clothes. My name in your phone, rung a hundred times, my texts vibrating through your blood, my fingers encircling each freckle on your body.

And then you will be reminded of all the lies, all the lies and then some more.
My love, I give you away. Go now, be free and never come back for anything I gave you.
Blood wishes would have been sweeter.

When I get my hands on you. There won’t be any thing left for you to forge, no creases will be formed on my heart, no feeling of deep dark purple swirls of alone in the pit of my stomach will form.
Because I said so.
No more  poetry for you. I want to know when you will return, so that I can say goodbye again and again and again.
Break you, murder you and hurt you
To tell you that I have found love, love so deep so shallow so real so true so common so brilliant that it can never damage me.

It’s me you idiot, the one you said you loved.


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