someone once told me that I could be me, just me
I could fall and slip
be alone
and then very alone
see the end so very near that it would be easy to extend my little finger and touch it
probe it, till we became one

But I would pause
as if out of a sudden moment in time my infinity would be extended

foot steps in movement
in rotation
prosthetic and created

when the shallow fickle part of the soul melts and fades away
You will rise
not slowly
not rapidly
but at the speed of time
Like waves inside you, like vapour, like rain
like the clouds exploding in white and blue
gurgling for breath
unleashed and you
utterly you

My beautiful sound
What do you abandon
Never stopping, always on the road
wounds to the heart

Staggering steps, marching to the funeral

thud thud thud

birth and unite
like water dripping on water
Not stopping to breathe till it overflows and drowns within herself


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