This is not a song
a song for you
or the sound of breeze blowing through your hair
It’s a marigold flower
smiles reflecting through my hands clenched in the fresh grass
let’s give each other marigolds, C’mon lets
but people in love don’t give each other marigolds
hey, why not
We just met, anyway
and marigold smell so sweet and fresh

Like the first time you leaned closer to me
and tried to catch my scent, but you were a bit too far
what did you smell of me
a piece of you
a piece of me
maybe you just smelled yourself

fickle dreams,wry smiles
and simple words

kiss me
and then sleep
kiss me and then sleep again
with me and then don’t just get up and leave
stay the night

cup your hands against my face and bring her towards your own
run your fingers through the small of my back and kiss
my every little crevice with your lips
slow and wet
your toes entangled, your feet entangled, your knees beneath my knees entangled
and your face entangled in mine
kiss me with your lips
open and parched
tap a song onto my body and sing to my hair

entrench me
pull me over you
on top
on top and inside your soul
touch me and let me inside your mind

kiss me and then sleep beside me

don’t get up and just leave


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