A lot unlike my nightmares

Dream lay me down
climb up on my bed
and slowly crawl under my quilt
warm and cold from my veins
rendered lonely for so long

burning out a fever
burning up a fever

slide by, with me, beside me

shadows knocking on my window pane

Forgive me
I’ve lived with my nightmares too long
so long that my dreams only sleep
beside these mares
growing slow and steady

numb little grey eyes

Next time, when you dream about this place
there wont be a door leading to it,
there won’t even be a single window open
the place would have long disappeared
erased with your own
once trembling fingers

there will be another kind of peace
one that plays out no melancholy

no pretense
a lot like freedom

farther away from every heartache of a day
rising longer and deeper than any season you’ve ever lived
you in me and
you in you

dream, lay me down
Come lie beside me


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