Un- rhyme

when the minds all restless
in muddled chaos and words that only
seem to rhyme with muddle and chaos and a bit of traffic, magic and soulful tragic.

yin and yang.
blend and cold
the rhymes have been broken
we are free to un-rhyme

isn’t that chaos of a sort
sorts of chaos
all sorts of them
diminutive and grande

nullify me
on some moments
and tears
and flake sand blue
hate and how dare you speak to me like that
i cried afterwards
i will never like you again
you said
in a way
i wanted to say i’m sorry i’m sorry
and its so unfair and in unfairness all i see is more unfair
and yet I crave to say
i’m sorry you never said sorry
don’t tell me these secrets
i don’t want to know
small hearts and big words
you dwindle in extremes
mingle in loud
large thoughts
one mistake and all that i have mixed in
my flurry of spirited fights
is forgotten
forgotten like an unlikely memory
maybe, this is a goodbye
but i wish you so very well
so very well
i wish you happiness and calm and things you think the world cannot exist in.
mundane blues and yellow tools
goodbye once again
Maybe the last one for this life


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