I think it was orange laughter carpeted to a tacky start
Fake purple velvet leggings with a tunic in yellow

So much salt with my coffee-latte
and cappuccino in the office

horizontal escalators
slowly move
with great offers

great offers| Deals|Bargains|Services

Do my eyes really want to see these; orange carpets and zigzag walks.
My coffee is getting cold.
Water and fire are strange signs, they don’t normally
unite, come together.

We still don’t speak much
like murmuring strangers, I look for a glimpse of you in everything ordinary
sign boards, numeric, shadows in defense of stark light.

So bright that it gets dark.
Sometimes there are mountains on the screens, and other times blank zigzags selling me more random zigzags.

I’ve decided.
I think I’ll write today. Out of a strange calm that came out of a much torrential moment of gruesome angst.
Maybe we’ll always speak less and one day entirely stop

Blank zigzags selling me more blank zigzags, futile or in vain?
So much that it seems in vain.
At first I only hugged my dad, a half hug of sorts.
But at least I did, the beginning of more zigzag conversations to come.


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