jump under

I’ll be looking for the
moments lost
jump inside
a tunnel under the ground
called by the common folk as the drainage

some pieces of dark mushy sewage
hey lo

why it gets so dark
meandering traces of shadow and light are playing nightmares in my head

medicine for all hallucinating brief moments to leave
exit before there’s no pit
I slopped my feet
sloppy me
once again,

always wear closed shoes when out on a
night trip like these
come out of the shaded jaded tree house
to face the real world
fears conjured
up inside this mind
shallow green tears and trees that have no canopy to hide you in

From life in general, for life in specifics

baby, there’s no fear unless you don’t give up some pieces
baby, I’ve never liked that word, the condescending gives way to simple affection.
And one can’t hide from simple affection

baby, there’s no fear unless you don’t give up some pieces
some affection, some incorrigibly depressive thoughts and give in

I’ve been looking for so much light that I couldn’t see a thing in this pitch dark
Right in the middle of darkness
no deeper fear than seeing nothing
no deeper calm than seeing nothing
but the sound

And that’s when
All I saw was light in the darkest corners of my mind.


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