words, words are a little strewn for me now
my eyes hurt torridly
like torrential rain and made up banters of things that a song will make you feel

i love how you make me feel
a little giddy
a little special
ounces of naughtiness
glaring through your small red lit windows

finding me immersed in my habits
you never indulge me
and yet hold me as I go deeper and water rises to my neck
and yet I don’t run towards the shore
I hold your hand
and picture myself
floating and swimming
like no fear of these blue waves could ever stop me
hide me
muddly little waters
choking inside my throat

are a bit of never ending magic

a bit of no bits of any tiny peice

cars speeding slowly in momentary
silence inside doors that have no locks

will be
more ~ 19th Feb, 16

Or nothing at all ~ 25th Feb, 16


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