Let go

there could be more
tab three
eight and 9
always more of them
dyed down with some smoke
died down every time, the day progresses from birth towards
sun set
time towards death

Just to begin again when I wake up

with the moon rise
unexplained memories of things I don’t remember feeling dragons running amok while I still dream
and wonder if it would be so bad if some entered my waking hours ?

nobody needs talking or explanations about any god damn thing when you

smoke to fill the
numbness of each feeling
every slightly complex feeling will be rejected as

‘the elixir drunk on happiness’

rarely angry and mostly numb
no need
to revive emotions
and speak to the one’s that won’t let you sleep

for a while
just for a while
everyone dies and you will too

never realize when its time to drown this part of your life

gone, the permanent kind of gone

I need you right now
As it slowly numbs I won’t need anybody

nothing at all will require my attention
i am a block of ice and the earth is the warmth burning
always ready to

Let go of yourself, God dammit because it’s already too late


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