where to now
some place nice and cozy
or the usual high frequency red flashing lights with LIITs

somber mornings in office and night time delirium
of pretense

as you sway and dance
after you take off your glasses
and things look a little blurry

while you’re just dreaming
simply dreaming
of holding hands and dancing to that song
half naked and not drunk at all
laughter cut in with kisses that aren’t inhibited with

come she said
she says
too many texts and he leaves
without any trace
too little words and
he wonders
and you wonder
you wither
if minds of adults can’t pass through simple emotions
then who will ?
so there’s
more dancing
more alcohol
mixed up
with licorice
and soft stares
don’t tell the others
we can go home tonight together
and maybe
you’ll be

the one I dance with
in arms
and insignificant
linguistic quirks
you quipped
and sighed

some words and so much nodding
and yet
you were too young
and much too pretty


its just 1
and some
more licorice and little light

let’s go home tonight
lie warm on the cold floor

I’ll call you tomorrow
if the ego’s not too high
and no licorice can dim our spirits

we’ll go home tomorrow..
but not tonight

written under the influence of some licorice ~


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