Two 000 seconds spent

Two thousand seconds spent
all of them known to you as the truth
yet, denying it for another 2000 days because
it’s good to keep trying, good to keep going on
the same freckled path of the same salt water angst
time, makes no difference to kinds like her

keeps going on inside the same tunneling thought

breaking into and inside no one ever understood

strangled louder than your mother in the other room in a different city can hear

fuck you

This won’t happen again

persevered time wasted, keep jaywalking on the same road.
Keep jaywalking for a few years of this youth
the face still looks younger when the body ages faster than anybody else around you.
starved eyes and dry mouth.
unslept eyes
lying eyes
over slept eyes
no emotion in these fucking eyes
or just too much

let’s keep moving in the same direction making the same mistakes
because there’s too much courage needed to stop
to even pause and say
love cannot be bought
or brought
she must come from you
at least at first

no taking of the soul today
no taking of blood-shot eyes today

no marooned days on the couch with the TV on a channel that has no channel number

diarrhoea with all the raw instant noodles downed with soda

not wanting to do a fucking thing at work
money on clothes will make you happy

taking no happiness and giving none
same old tunneling

two thousand seconds spent
all of them known to you as the truth
but none came back to you



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